About Us

Alithia means “truth” in Greek. 

We chose the name Alithias because honesty and transparency
are the core of our work.

While working as a life science and medical device executive, our founder knew that something was amiss in the medical industry.

Experiencing a lack of honesty and transparency, he sought to make healthcare clearer for everyone — no more lies about network discounts, misquotes about procedure costs, or surprise broker over-rides.

Today, Alithias gives users straightforward healthcare information and tools to help them make value-based healthcare decisions.

Alithias Advocacy services are based on three truths.


Modern benefit plans are complex.


Most employees don’t understand how to use their benefits.


Employees need information and support to be better healthcare consumers.

Our mission: give employees accurate information to help them make value-based healthcare decisions.

By identifying savings opportunities and eliminating administrative overhead, our data-driven technology platform makes accessing healthcare easier and cheaper.

Our first-of-its-kind program blends big data analytics expertise, technology-enabled tools, and a proactive, team-centered approach to guide healthcare consumers to high-quality, high-value healthcare.

Our clients

We help more than 200 companies reduce their healthcare costs.

Key Features

No matter your benefit plan design, Alithias will support you.

Data Driven

While other analytics tools are complicated and inflexible, Alithias provides employees with easy-to-follow, actionable information.

We do this by structuring a company’s healthcare data into an easy-to-understand dashboard. From there, HR managers can quickly understand cost drivers, identify savings opportunities, and measure the value of wellness programs.


The right data means nothing when it’s in the wrong hands. That’s why most other healthcare tools see such low utilization — employees simply don’t have the advocacy, education, and coaching to make good healthcare decisions.

Alithias works by understanding that most healthcare decisions are reactive, not proactive. That’s why we coach employees to have the right reaction to any healthcare need, educating them on their benefits plan, care options, and more.


To make smart healthcare decisions, employees need education, advocacy, and coaching. Alithias Care and Benefits Navigation offers all that and more.

Our Navigators focus their energy on helping employees understand their plan design, navigate the healthcare system, find the best value, and determine future costs.


Knowledge is power. Alithias uses one-of-a-kind algorithms and databases to derive best-in-class cost and quality information alongside population health risk scoring. We also plan for the future — our predictive modeling scenarios forecast the financial and health impact of benefits strategies and wellness programs.

Team Centered

Navigating today’s healthcare landscape requires multiple levels of expertise.

Our team is well-trained in benefit plan design, CPT codes, DRGs, treatment options, various care paths, and everything else your employees might encounter when making a healthcare decision.

Using our knowledge and wealth of data, we create simple-to-understand guides to help employees feel comfortable in their healthcare decisions.

Reduce Expenses

Alithias reduces healthcare expenses for employers and employees.

These savings can become reductions in insurance expenditures, or they can increase benefit plan features. The results are far-reaching and provide a rapid, measurable return of the initial investment.

What our clients say about us


“You are always professional, knowledgable and friendly when I call with questions. Thank you for not making me feel stupid.”


“Every time my husband or I call Care Navigation, the person we work with is knowledgable, helpful, patient, and makes us feel so much better when we’re done.”


“This Care Navigation program is wonderful! I wish we had this years ago.”