Alithias is a patient advocacy company designed for brokers, employers and TPAs.

Helping employers, brokers, and administrators cut costs through education, engagement, and creative benefit plan design.

Who we serve

Across the United States, benefits brokers and their self-insured clients trust Alithias to support cost savings strategies using analytics, education and engagement.

For Brokers

Do you have a client coming off a tough plan year whose HR team needs support educating their members about recent benefit plan changes? Or a “single number to call” for answers to nearly all benefits related questions?

For Employers

Do your members have trouble understanding their benefit plan? Or are not using the many resources you provide for them? Alithias Advocates act like outsourced HR, explaining to employees how to access the right care and save the most money.

For Administrators

Are you tired of losing business to large national carriers selling their “network discounts?” The Alithias analytics and advocacy platform will help you explain how your TPA maximizes the savings within a PPO to match or beat any reported network discount. Our Advocates work hand in hand with your customer service team to give member true concierge care.

Healthcare transparency that works.

Data shows that simply showing procedure prices doesn’t reduce healthcare spending.

Our comprehensive Money Twenty ™ Incentive Plan guarantees a positive ROI*
for all clients with >100 employees.

*Plan must include incentives and monthly, pre-approved communications to members


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Our Process

Alithias combines data driven intelligence and employee advocacy to lower healthcare costs, improve quality, and change behavior. Here’s how it works.



Data Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics tools put your medical and Rx claims into an actionable, easy-to-understand format.

From there, we’ll show you just how much money you’re missing by not utilizing high-value providers.

Care and Benefits Navigation

Using your custom data set, we’ll identify the highest-value, highest-quality providers in your market. We’ll also integrate with the providers to give members the best clinical and administrative experience possible.

And if you have any questions about benefits, finding a doctor, or any other healthcare concern, we’re always just a phone call away.

Monthly Reporting

The savings are real, and we can prove it.

Every month, we’ll send you a savings and engagement report each month, detailing user activity and aggregating real savings. No “soft savings” here — every figure is a real dollar saved for you to reinvest into your business.

“Easy to navigate — super quick turnaround to get me locations where the MRI could be done, with price comparisons. I would definitely recommend to co-workers. Being on the high deductible health plan, it was nice to see where I could get the most bang for my buck.”

Amy Handel
RN Care Manager

“You saved a marriage.”


“Alithias saved me $4,000 on my sleep study and CPAP equipment.”

Bemis Manufacturing

“I don’t understand insurance at all. After speaking with Care Navigation, I feel so much better  — like I know what to expect with my healthcare.”

Orbis, Corp.

“Knowing I can call you and your team and get all my answers is just wonderful. We’ve never had this before, and I am so happy we do now.”

Rice Lake Area School District