For Employers

Alithias retains over 90% of our employer clients every year.

Why? Because employers average a
Return On Investment of 5.5 to 1.

We guarantee that our program will save money —
or we’ll reimburse the difference to the employer.

Alithias is your
single point of contact.

In one call, we can reduce the noise and support members following plan design changes.

Our Advocates understand employer and employee concerns — moving to or away from RBP plans, direct contracts, incentive management, medical bill review, HSA/HRA plans, onsite clinics and DPS strategies.


Determine costs in your local market.


Get support for complex benefit plan designs.


Utilize our one-of-a-kind incentive platform proven to save money.

How we benefit employers

Our mission is to get the best outcome for your employees.

Unlike advocacy services offered by large carriers, we understand that all healthcare is local. That’s why we work closely with local, high-value providers to reduce your costs and facilitate direct contracts. And with a Net Promoter Score of 85, employees find the Alithias service a tremendous value. 

Our Advocates can even be embedded in your office. Onsite Advocates act as outsourced Human Resources, working hand in hand with your team to give employees the best benefits experience.

Savings Consultation

Plan Design Streamlining

Partner Integration

Creation Of Materials

Monthly Performance Reports

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Together, we can make better local healthcare markets.

Schedule a demo today and we’ll show you how.

Make your plan go from good to great.

We’ll go over your plan with you to clean up any redundancies, improve current offerings, and make sure your employees’ needs are covered.

And if you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be right there to help. 

See your plan in action.

With our detailed monthly reports, you can see both how much money you’re saving and how your plan is being utilized.

We can also use these reports to customize your service to cater to the specific interests of your employees.

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