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We provide support wherever you need us.

From Care Navigation to being a single point of contact for your members, we’ll work with you to fill the gaps and give our mutual clients the best experience possible.

“Working with Alithias has helped us win new business against large national carriers like UHC and Anthem.”

M. Reichelsdorfer
President, Prairie States Enterprises

Surpass your competition.

Unlike national advocacy solutions, Alithias works with you to understand and support the strategies you’ve put in place for your clients.

Our Advocates work in conjunction with our TPA partners to help employees maximize savings within the PPO, or facilitate direct contracting strategies.


Win new business


Compete against large carriers


Give your customer service people more time to focus on what they do best.

How we benefit administrators

Let us talk with network providers about cost and quality,

We’ll take some weight off your shoulders while optimizing a network or facilitating a tiered benefit plan design.


NDA/BAA Data Exchange

Optimized Network Reports

TPA Aggregator Integration

Assist Client Presentations

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“Alithias played a critical role in our growth when we needed it most. They are an experienced and engaging partner.”

Jay McLauchlin
CEO, Benebay Inc.

“We have partnered with Alithias for 8 years. During that time the market place has evolved dramatically. Alithias has always been innovative and collaborative working with our team and clients developing creative solutions. Great Team!”

Bruce Flunker
President, 90 Degrees Benefits

“Alithias was critical to helping us successfully launch our TPA business.”

Dan Kraut
COO, Flume Health