Transparency and employee engagement made easy

Manage health costs using your claims data and by engaging employees.

Alithias makes your claims data actionable

We have analyzed over 5 million claims for over 250,000 lives using proprietary algorithms based on input from business leaders, medical professionals, and data scientists.

Our reporting platform instantly summarizes key information and provides actionable insights on how to lower costs and improve benefit plan results.
Transparency and engagement for employees

Using your claims data, we provide an accurate, easy, and secure cost and quality comparison tool for medical procedures and prescriptions that employees can use to shop for healthcare.

We work with you to create awareness and engagement tools that help you communicate and educate your employees about becoming better healthcare consumers.
Advocacy and support to make the right connections

Our advocacy partners take the hassle out of healthcare and are just a phone call away for employees with answers about using the transparency tool, understanding benefits and EOBs, and more.

Your employees have our support throughout their entire episode of care, from researching providers through follow up appointments and billing ajudication.

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