Our mission at Alithias is to connect employers, employees, medical providers, and TPAs and brokers through an easy, data driven platform that promotes healthcare value.

We are transforming healthcare by our commitment to technology that engages users in finding the highest quality healthcare for their life. We believe in cutting through healthcare’s complexity and high costs by creating simple tools backed by robust data and by building relationships that foster communication, trust, and better health.


Your data. Your platform.

Our platform provides accurate healthcare procedure cost estimates, historical reporting, and actionable recommendations by analyzing the best data available – your claims data. Alithias is your platform for healthcare data visualization and decision making and a tool for employees to connect with high-value healthcare providers in your area.

Alithias for employers

Connecting healthcare providers and patients

We partner with local healthcare providers to promote high quality, low cost options for employees. Through direct prices, custom profile settings, and comparative pricing analysis, medical providers can grow their practice with Alithias by connecting with thousands of qualified, insured patients on our platform.

Alithias for healthcare providers

More than transparency

Alithias partners with third-party claims administrators and brokers to provide a best-in-class platform that offers much more than just transparency. Differentiate from competitors with a customized solution that displays accurate cost and quality data for medical procedures and prescriptions. Win new business by offering clients with a platform that includes detailed reporting, integration with existing HRA and wellness initiatives, and communications programs that save time and engage users.

Alithias for TPAs and Brokers

Meet our team

Alithias is led by healthcare and technology veterans, including investors and advisors who are committed to making the healthcare system better for all participants.

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